Image of our Satellite World Map
Image of our Satellite World Map
Image of our Satellite World Map
Image of our Topographical World Map
Image of our Solar System Poster
Image of our Satellite World Map Image of our Solar System Poster Human Body Image of a Poster of a Planet Image of Periodic Table Poster Image of a Classical Painting Image of Topographical World Map

Science Posters, Art & Freebies

Science-Story Publishing is committed to making the highest quality science posters for school or at home.


Our posters are not paper which tear and rip easily. All of our posters are printed on specialty paper and coated with a thick laminate on both sides making our posters washable and almost tear-proof.


This special coating makes our posters great for the wall in a place where children can touch them and explore the poster. You can also put them on the floor where kids can crawl around on them while learning about the images.

  Poster Details:
*Posters are printed on high quality "Photo-Matt PP"
paper and laminated on both sides. They can be
washed with a wet rag and detergent and are near
*Discounts available for schools, teachers,museums on orders of 5 or more. We can also print
custom sizes. Email us on Contact page for more details.
A large satellite map of the Earth. Excellent details are visible.
A complete solar system poster. 8 planets, 5 NEW dwarf planets, asteroids, comets, moons and one satellite.
A large topographical map of the Earth with every country, capital cities and over 200 cities.
A large periodic table of the elements that is completely up-to-date.

Great Extras on Poster Pages

*On the Satellite World Map page here are just two examples of the many extras that can be found on its page to help better understand the posters contents.


Japan EarthquakeEARTHQUAKES - All major earthquakes over 9.0 of the last 100 years are marked. The epicenter and where the plate slipped is labeled. READ MORE



*Here is a graphic from the page on Megathrust Thrust Earthquakes.

Animation of Japanese Megathrust Earthquake

Classical Artwork for the Classroom

We carry some of the worlds most famous paintings and all are printing at the highest resolution possible. Check out their pages to see the quality of the prints.

Classic Paintings for the Classroom

Students are encouraged
to touch the poster.

Lay it on the floor
without fear of tearing.

Totally washable
with water and detergent.

Children on floor with poster Children sitting on the poster Somebody washing a poster

Every poster has free downloads and other extras on their respective pages to help better understand everything on each poster. There are also handouts for teachers to use and other freebies!


Most Popular Downloads

Solar System Diagram Papercraft Model of Earth

Download Black & White

Outline Solar System


Download Free Color

Papercraft Earth


Combined Files for Solar System Downloads Periodic Table

Download Black & White

High-Quality Solar System

Combined Files in PDF

Download Color High-Quality Periodic Table File in PDF

We put together this video to show you just how tough our posters can be!

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